Jewelry Engraving //  A collection of featured work samples.

Heirloom Quality Jewelry Engraving

Coat of Arms

Heraldic Seal Ring

Classic coat of arms ring engraved in reverse for making sealing wax impressions.

Signet Ring

Signet Ring

Relief engraving with deep background.

Platinum Band

Heavily Engraved Platinum Band

Rich relief engraving with detailed shading and black background. A one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Relief Engraved Signet Ring

Relief Engraved Signet Ring

The opposite of the seal ring, this example is engraved in positivie relief and not in the negative.

Lumenesque Scrollwork

Lumenesque Scrollwork

A micro scroll style of high detail. Cut in such a way that it produces a sparkling effect. Named by my wife and also her favorite style.

Gold Pendant

Gold Pendant

Relief engraved gold pendant with intricate scrollwork border and scroll center.

Engraved Silver Tie Bar

Relief Engraved Silver Tie Clasp

Relief engraving on sterling silver tie clasp.

Platinum Egagement Ring

Lumenesque & Running Leaf

Platinum engagement ring with lumenesque & running leaf.

Gold Pendant

Signet Ring Side

Relief engraving with scrolls and flowers.

Sealing Wax Impression

Signet Ring Wax Impression

Fine detail prints perfectly into sealing wax.


DS Leaf Script

Intricate detail and rich shading on leaf script initials.

Leaf Script S

Leaf Script S pendant

Intricate crossed ribbon border with leaf script and diamonds.